ORA, Brand Design (2022)

ORA is a webradio platform proposing mixes of different artists as well as musical and artistic collaborations. The graphic researches are based on organic patterns, esoteric signs or geometrical tracings incorporated in the brand name.

Radar Atelier, Brand Design / photogrammetry (2021)

Visuals created for the identity of Radar, a graphic design studio launched by Joseph Clenet and myself. Use of Blender for material experiments and light effects.

128 Notifications plus tard, Editorial Design. (140x210mm, 2020)

Thesis on the impact of digital design in the field of work in the tertiary sector. How can graphic design be improved to counter digital distractions in the workspace ?

Gand life, Editorial Design. In collaboration w/ Joseph Clenet. (195x275mm, 2019)

One year ago, I went to Belgium for a 3 months internship at STUDIO STUDIO. During several weeks, I had the opportunity to work on a full project named Another Graphic.

Another Graphic, Brand Design. (2019)

Created during the 2019 summer, Another Graphic is a digital archives that includes numerous publications from differents designers around the world.

Rap Quotes, Poster design (594x840mm, 2019)

Rap is fine, strong. The intention, through this personal project, is to exploit this richness. Each series has a central theme, the first dealing with the use of weapons and violence.

Hello I’m Alex Pagnoux, a French graphic designer based in Paris (FR). Specialized in Brand design*, Motion, Editorial and Type design. I'm currently working as a freelancer, always open for new projects and collaborations. Please feel free to send me an email or a call!
*I will not make the logo bigger.

July 2019,
3 months internship.
February 2019,
Letterpress de Paris, Paris, (FR)
2 weeks internship.
May 2017,
Ezoom, Rennes, (FR)
2 months internship.

Master in Graphic Design.
Rennes, Bréquigny (FR)
Bachelor in Graphic Design multimedia.
Rennes, Bréquigny (FR)
Design and Applied Arts Baccalauréat
St-Paul-les-Dax (FR)